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    Kory Holmes is a veteran public school educator who is certified in the area of math, science, and social studies ranging from 2nd grade to college-prep courses for the past 22 years. As an educator, Kory Holmes sponsored a video production club for students to inspire creativity and broadcast journalism training. This novice attempt led Kory to explore the world of video production outside of the classroom for the next nine years where he learned the art of editing, cinematography, sound, lighting, script-writing, and so much more.

    He currently operates the 30 foot jib for Healing Place Church and Cox Communications where he works with the high school game of the week during the football season; special events segments for local television; as well as LSU’s football and basketball radio shows every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (Les Miles Show, Ed Orgeron, Johnny Jones, and Coach Fargas).

    In addition, Kory produces and directs talk shows, commercials, short films, music videos, wedding cinematography, and live events. He has had the privilege of working with R&B singers “Tank”, Tyrese, Jodeci, RL, David St. Romain, Star Murphy, Le'Moine Live, Muhammad Ayers reality TV star Mamma Dee, world renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather, and Comedian Melanie Comarcho. He has engineered and worked with tools such as the camera stabilizer', crane operation, ‘Crane lifter' rotating base crane, and graphic/motion design software created by Adobe such as After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere CS7, etc.

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    Extended Film Project provides each student with one on one attention in acquiring skills in film production. Students will also have the opportunity to work alongside peers and up to date equipment and software.

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